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  1. So I noticed that my computer does not sleep properly today. I'm not exactly sure when this started because I was on my computer all day yesterday. It most likely started today. When I'm away from my computer for 10+ minutes, the computer goes to a black screen with an underscore. I could press cntrl+alt+delete to get to the BIOS. About the computer: - My computer has an SSD and a Hard Drive. Windows lives on the SSD. - I used to have Ubuntu on the Hard Drive. I tried to remove it to the best of my abilities (SSD shows up twice in BIOS; once as Ubuntu SSD [...], and again as Windows Boot Manager [SSD ...]). What I've tried: 1. So I tried turning the options for Sleep and Screen (under Settings > System > Power & Sleep) to 1 minute at first and waited until the screen went to sleep. It went to sleep properly and when I pressed keys on my keyboard, I get back to Windows. --> I went AFK for another 10+ minutes again, and I get the same issue. 2. I tried turning Sleep and Screen to "Never". --> same result as above 3. I tried turning "Hybrid Sleep" to off, but I get the same issue. If there's anything I could clarify please let me know. Thank you for taking the time to read this :) P.S. this is my first post so sorry if I misplaced this