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  1. Hi I used gaskets/soft washers for all screws in my PC and its works! I thought it was a vibration ... btw solwed.
  2. Hi everyone! I have a small but very annoying problem. It's about my new graphics card. (RTX 2060 8GB GigaByte) The problem show up when playing. I also noticed that the sound appears at the rotation of fans between 1500-1900rpm. For example, when I play Warzone I have 1800rpm + so at the beginning there is an annoying sound, then it disappears. At The Division 2, the turns are exactly 1500-1800rpm. Then the card makes the most sounds. One more fact. If I put the computer flat, the sounds stop completely. Below i attached picture of my PC build, and video. (wooden stick make sound quieter, looks weird and stupid but its works). Any advice? Solutions? Fans GPU.mov