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  1. I'm sorry I'm hopeless with this stuff, how do I access my router settings and compare the 2?
  2. I have been stuck on a slow inconsistent wifi card for days now, when that's even working. I cannot get any internet through my router to my computer or through my TP-link powerline only through the wifi built into my motherboard, I very recently upgraded to this powerline and all was fine until it started cutting out for hours at a time, and eventually stopped working entirely I've tried everything I can find online, including a complete windows reinstall, which would lead you to believe that it's hardware, but I cannot find any faults with the port, and it still connects to the network, just not to the internet it says "no internet access your device is connected and can access devices on your network but may not be able to reach the internet" please help me this is so frustrating, oh and yes the powerline gives internet to my laptop, so it's not that.