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  1. So i have had this problem for a while and have tried different things. So basically when i play a game a sudden black screen appears and the pc restarts. So i once tried to play with one stick of ram and it seemed to be working and not shutting down. When i installed the second stick again the pc rebooted in 20 mins while playing destiny 2. Things i have tried: All stock settings, bios update, reinstall gpu drivers, new sticks of ram and reseat the gpu. gpu max temp=75c cpu=55c. Oh and one more thing, i don't know if this is important but. When the restart happens and i start up the game again the ram usage is about 1.5-2 gb lower compared to before the restart with the same programs open. Thx for any help. Specs: R5 3600 Cpu Rx 5700 xt Gpu Hyperx fury 2x8gb 3200mhz ram x-570-p Mobo corsair rm 750 gold Psu