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  1. oh i see, its good to know and also thanks for the recommendation.
  2. in a previuos post i asked whether to uprade to an ssd or get more ram and i want to get an ssd based on those replies, but im fairly new to pc building and i have no idea if i can even use one rig cpu: ryzen r5 1400 ram: g skill 8gb gpu: gtx 1060 3gb mobo: gigabyte ab350 is there any other detail that is required to know whether i can use an ssd let me know.
  3. there isnt even hopes of a refund and also thats a shit ton of money god damn, his parents must be woefully unattentive and he must be an idiot, this is why micro transactions shouldnt be in video games they are small enough that at a glance you dont notice the money being spent and the things they offer skins, etc. are just enough to keep coming for more but thats mobile gaming for you since its easier to make mobile games but impossible to actually sell them at a reasonable price, just make them ftp with a casino attached, and with smart phones being as accessable this issue is only going to get worse.
  4. i get enough grief from the windows updates breaking my stuff so i probably wouldnt do that but even if i dont make the ssd my boot drive what benefits can i expect? low loading times? less chance of stutter? any benefits worth not getting more ram?
  5. good to know that i dont have to really consider the first stick when getting more for the most part.
  6. how do you even move the boot disk for windows?
  7. would more speed or more amount be better and is it ok to have two different ram sticks?
  8. i can get either a good ssd or 8gb more of ram which is more helpfull when it comes to gaming and everyday use in general? and how does each of these upgrades theoretically affect my experience? my current rig: cpu: amd ryzen r5 1400 ram: g skill cruci.. 8gb hdd: the cheapest wd 1tb hdd gpu: gtx 1060 3gb mobo: ab350 so what upgrade would most improve my experience?
  9. thanks for the response, first time i built a desktop pc so i have no other desktop to compare to so i didnt know.
  10. these are estimates from ryzen master idle - 45 to 53 celsius gaming - 60 to 70 celsius is the temperatures within accceptable range, currently im using the wraith cooler that came with the cpu, is it possible to increase its speed or should i upgrade the cooler? and if i should what cooler is cheap(as less cost as is possible) and better than the wraith cooler?