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    I5 7200u
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    Laptop idk
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    8gb of sketchy laptop ram
  • GPU
    Integrated 😎
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    240gb ssd
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    Trash laptop display
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    1 single fan
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    Razer Cynosa Chroma
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    Razer Deathadder Elite
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    Galaxy Buds
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    Windows 20
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  1. Heya all. Hope yall are keeping safe. I am currently in search of a high refresh rate monitor that has good color accuracy for video editing. The price range I'm looking at is 150-220 US dollars. Thank you all in advance.
  2. How about the graphics voltage though?
  3. Heya all. Hope yall are keeping safe. I recently decided to give my cpu and graphics more voltage in XTU on my laptop and I noticed when I ran a stress test it shows my laptop is power throttling. Is this something I should be worried about? Also would there be any benefit if I put the cpu volatge back to normal and left the graphics voltage higher? My laptop has an Intel Core i5 7200u with integrated graphics
  4. My ASUS K556u laptop randomly slows down to slow spinning under high loads. This is also accompanied by my laptop freezing and then running very slow after. How do i fix this?
  5. Heya all. Hope yall are keeping safe. I have an ASUS K556U and I recently started noticing that under high loads my fan spins like it should for a little bit, but then randomly slows down to very low speeds and my game freezes. Is there anyway I can manually control the fans or something?
  6. Are there any pre-built keyboards with these switches? Because whenever I looked em up I only see the switches themselves.
  7. Thanks ill check it out
  8. Around 50 bucks more or less. Also what are clicky box switches?
  9. Heya all. Hope yall are keeping safe. I'm looking for good cherry mx blue switch keyboards, do yall have any suggestions? Id want want that is RGB(who wouldn't) and has decent software control
  10. Wow this is perfect. Didn't expect someone to actually have a video on this. Thanks!
  11. Heya all. Hope yall are keeping safe. I was wondering if a intel i5 7200u with Intel 620(or 630) integrated graphics would be able to run gta 5? If so would it run any good. I dont want to waste time and space only to realize it was all for nothing.
  12. Now im confused because others are saying that 3300x is better
  13. I'll be doing light gaming, but video editing is something I'll be more focused on
  14. Heya all. Hope yall are keeping safe. I was wondering which cpu is more favorable for video editing and light gaming, the Ryzen 3 3300x or the Ryzen 5 1600AF. I know the 1600AF has more cores and threads, but any benchmarks I've seen show that 3300x can perform better in some scenarios. I will most likely be pairing the cpu with an RTX 2060. Also just to confirm, this listing is the 1600AF right?