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  1. The SATA WD Green and Kingston A400 are both in the lowest tier, but I will be using one as a game drive over a spinner, not a boot drive. I boot from an 850 EVO. So has anyone ever used both a WD Green and an A400? Which would you give the edge to?
  2. IMO the 2060 Super offers the best price/performance balance.
  3. The 790 SFF has a 100% standard 24 pin PSU connector on the board. The only thing to really keep in mind is that if you take it out of the original case, then you will always have to press F1 at startup/reboot. This is because of a security feature to stop case tampering, since these were meant for offices. But I have heard of some putting tape over that sensor, which will apparently remove the need to use F1. The oddball Dell PSU connector didn't come until the 4th gen, and the 790 is a 2nd gen. You're good to go.
  4. 4 cores 8 threads is pretty much the current PC gaming minimum standard now, so the extra 4 threads will certainly help. Several modern games use hyper threading really well now. Even on 1st and second gen i7's. And you'll typically get more FPS per dollar with AMD cards, but I prefer Nvidia as their drivers are virtually always better. A 1660 Super will get very near 2060 performance, and for quite a bit less. A 1660 is pretty much just a slightly crippled 2060.
  5. IMO it's best to just get a hard drive dock. Then you can use literally any 2.5" or 3.5" HDD or SSD. And a dual drive dock is perfect for mirroring a drive. https://www.newegg.com/vantec-nst-d328s3-bk-dock/p/N82E16817986030 https://www.newegg.com/rosewill-rx234-dock/p/N82E16817182145
  6. Delta make great PSU's but that one doesn't have any PCIe power, and you will need up to 2x of them to power a 960. And never rely on those sketchy SATA power to PCIe adapters either. You need a PSU with dedicated PCIe power. I think the best thing is to save for another month and buy a better PSU. Nothing is cheap right now.
  7. It's not a bad card at all, but at 1080p you won't get above medium quality if you want 60 fps. Unless it's something really light like League of Legends or CSGO.
  8. An RX 470 or 480 is very good value for the money. They will exceed a 960 in most cases.
  9. This is the cheapest I would go: https://www.memoryexpress.com/Products/MX72909
  10. That's the 4th gen and on with Optiplex. As an owner of both a minitower and SFF 790, they both have 24 pin power supply connectors, and the minitower fits a standard ATX PSU. I have an EVGA 450 BR in my 790 with no adapters at all. Perhaps you shouldn't use absolutes when you don't know what you're talking about.
  11. My previous system was an Optiplex 790 SFF with a 240w Dell branded 80 plus gold PSU. I ran it 24/7 for several months, and I never had an issue. It had an i7 2600 and a LP 1050 Ti.
  12. For example... @jonnyGURU is clearly experienced with power supplies, and can offer insight that no one else here can even imagine. The rest of them are simply justifying a stance that comes from a very small sample size, and selective research.
  13. Yes, you misunderstand. You need a large sample size to truly have experience with something. One offs are one offs... not experience.
  14. The point is to draw from personal experience and the insight that comes with that.