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  1. I cant afford a 2TB nvme drive and I already have 1, so I was wondering how I can increase my storage and possibly increase speeds at the same time but I might just go with a JBOD and say heck with it and keep the NVMe my boot drive and create an extended volume without the use of raid.
  2. The drives cant both be used as NVMe drives, but can I use that first drive as a Sata drive as well? making them both effective sata drives in a raid 0 or is that not possible? my way of thinking is like how RAM works, if you plug in a slower DIMM the faster one will slow to the slowest speeds, but they will still both be able to create dual channel (same idea as raid 0) can I stripe these two drives together, but have the nvme slot slowed down to the point of SATA speeds by the other slot? or is this not how it works? I wish someone who had the board and 2 m.2 drives could confirm for me lol
  3. You are not understanding that passage, that states if you have mismatching sizes, the storage added to the array will be equal to that of the smallest disk, so if you have a 1TB drive and a 2TB drive, the 2TB drive will only add 1TB of storage (because the smallest drive in the array is 1TB). if you add a TB drive to the original drive on 1TB, you still obtain a total of 2TB of storage, because the amount of data added to the array is equal to that of the smallest drive, in which case both are 1TB. Please rely on more than Wikipedia to give you answers on a subject. I would appreciate if my specific question would be answered however. Will the ASROCK B450m Pro4-f motherboard support Raid 0 on dual m.2 drives, and will doing so have any decrease in speeds?
  4. 0:32 linus states that raid 0 allows you to keep all of your capacity, so yes, 2x 1TB drives will not cut my storage down from the total of 2TB on the combined drives. Your statement on drive failure, however, is correct. although this does not answer my question as to whether or not this board supports m.2 raid 0, and whether or not speed is negatively impacted. i am aware it will not increase speed of downloads as that is internet related and even having 1Gb ethernet will not increase download speeds as you can only download as fast as your biggest bottleneck (eg. if you have 1Gb ethernet but the source only has a 100Mb connection your download will still only be 100Mb). my question is upon expanding my storage, will this motherboard support Raid 0 on dual m.2 drives, and will doing so have any decrease in speeds?
  5. At the time of purchase I didn't have the money for a faster drive, this is a question regarding expansion on storage if RAID 0 is possible on the asrock b450m pro4-f, and if so, will it have any decrease in performance? raid 0 will increase storage to 2TB because there is no redundancy only striping, therefore there is no duplication of data. raid 1 would cause mirroring which would make the storage remain only 1TB and have the other drive strictly used for redundancy rather than speed.
  6. I wanted to add another TB of storage because I am slowly running out of space with all my games and applications, and I do tend to download fairly decent files (50GB) fairly often so install and transfer speed is fairly important to me. So is it not even possible to put the m.2 drives into a raid 0?
  7. Hey guys, I was looking into getting a second identical m.2 to the one I currently am using right now (crucial p1 1tb) and I was wondering if the speed gains are worth using raid 0 on this motherboard? I am aware one of the slots states that its "ultra m.2" but will putting the second drive into the other slot slow down the first drive enough to the point where it is no longer a significant speed gain? Appreciate any responses guys! William