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  1. Thanks for the replies, wasn't really aware that my page file was there.... Here is a pic from crystal:
  2. Hey there, So suddenly I experienced weird stuff with my storage HDD. Windows takes a lot of time to load and when it finally loads I get a message regarding page file. My boot SSD seems to be working fine, I can run programs, games without problems, but accessing my storage HDD is super slow, opening files (e.g. images, pdfs etc.) may take like a minute or so. I tried switching up cables, but nothing changed. I tried running smart scan and I guess it doesn't look. Is my HDD dying and should be replaced ASAP? Or are there other things at fault here? Thanks!
  3. The biggest problem imho usually is the motherboard - firstly, you don't really have that much choice in upgrades for your CPU, unless you go shopping for a used one that was top of line with that chipset, but that has its own risks and actually may not be that cheap at all. Its even worse and less upgrade possibilities if you bought your PC on an outgoing socket. I'm running a bit older system myself - x79 motherboard with i7 4820k. I could theoretically upgrade to 4930k or 4960x and that's about it... Even the more beefy 4960x is not that big of a jump and you can only get used ones which are 200+ atm. But more importantly - components do fail, sooo if there is a problem with your motherboard - good luck... Sure, you can get refurbished or used ones on ebay (not cheap either really), but at this point you are starting to test your luck with used components on ebay which can be either a good thing, or an expensive mistake. The big question is - how much is it worth to put in an older system (both upgrades and failed components) before actually buying a modern system?