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  1. I'd try that but the system doesn't post. I can't get the bios at all. No signal from any of the outputs on the motherboard or the GPU.
  2. I have a weird problem on my old rig. The system started to freeze several times by random and eventually wouldn't post at all. The pc starts normally with fans spinning and all but hangs to the orange dram led indicating my ram is faulty. My PC specs: -Asus Z170 Pro Gaming/AURA -16Gb (2x8) Kingston HyperX ddr4 2666Mhz -i5 6600K -Sapphire RX480 -650W Seasonic Core GM-650 psu I checked both memory sticks on another system and they worked fine. I get the same dram fault even if ram is not installed and try to boot. I've checked all the cables, replaced the CMOS, reset the RTC, reinstalled the CPU, tried without the GPU but no effect. I've searched the forums before but couldn't find someone with similar problems. Could this mean I have a dead motherboard? Any more ideas how to fix this?