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  1. @TofuHaroto So, funny story, this whole time I have been using the xbox game bar on this PC to measure CPU/GPU usage. Its been showing me those numbers I mentioned earlier. Well after I got home I downloaded MSI Afterburner and noticed there was a huge difference in usage percentage between each other. So i compared to the performance section of the taskbar and yea as you can see there was never an issue... at least that I can see. Your opinion would be appreciated and feel free to have a laugh at me haha.
  2. No problem. I google but all I ever see if the i7 9700k with the RTX 2070 Super lol. Maybe those numbers would be pretty close... not sure if there's a big difference between the OC version or the non OC version.
  3. Ok will do... Do you have an idea on how many frames I should be expecting? Like with BFV.
  4. Ok I will check it out. So when I get home I plan to run a benchmark. Any suggestions on which one to use? Also, how long should I run the test and what numbers do I need to pay attention to? I have an idea I just want to confirm.
  5. Is that a setting i would change in the EVGA app? I haven't really messed with anything like that cuz I don't wanna mess anything up.
  6. I have a be quiet Dark Rock Slim. The CPU averages around 70c I would say. same with the GPU. I am going to try a DDU and then reinstall the drivers. I dont know what else would be preventing my GPU from its full potential. Maybe my resolution? I play 1080p at 144hz
  7. Not sure if this was answered... Too lazy to read through lol BUT the only difference is the KO does not have a USB C port. Thats it. I have the KO myself.
  8. @Rancidpunk My concern was more over the fact that my GPU is being under utilized it seems. I dont understand why. I fidgured the GPU/CPU pair I have should be good. I was told to upgrade my monitor so maybe Ill do that eventually but hoping for another fix until then.
  9. @TofuHaroto Ok thanks. Mind if I follow up with you later today? Thanks!
  10. @TofuHaroto Thank you I will check that out. I am guessing the point of using the ddu is to do a clean install of the drivers? And at what temp should I be concerned? Thank you
  11. I am sure I am over reacting haha I just wanna be sure I am getting the most out of both CPU and GPU.
  12. @TofuHaroto After playing for a good 15-20 mins, it showed the highest recorded temp was about 80-83c. same goes for the CPU if I remember correctly. I am at work at the moment but when I get home I will double check. And what is ddu? Thanks.
  13. So I recently upgraded my GPU and when playing Need for Speed Heat or Battlefield V, I notice that the GPU load never goes past 60% yet the CPU is consistently at 100%. I crank up as many settings as I can and all it seems to do it just lower frames. In NFS, I am getting around 70-90 fps and in BF its closer to 60-70. Am I doing something wrong? I made sure to download the newest drivers after installing the new GPU. My guess is that the CPU is bottle-necking the GPU but I really don't know all the much about it. I have been researching but not coming up with anything useful. Thank you! CPU: i7-9700(non "k" version) GPU: EVGA RTX 2070 Super KO SSD: Samsung Evo 970 M.2 RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3ghz 2x8gb PSU: EVGA 600 BR 600w 80+ Bronze MOBO; ASUS TUF Gaming B365m plus