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  1. Hi All, My new monitor finally arrived and as everyone these days the first thing I've done after unpacking it was to check for dead pixels, luckily there were none which made me very happy. However, the screen is 28inch 4K and I noticed something else when checking for the dead pixels. It seems that the screen is "split" in 3 stages of white shade darkening towards the left side. I've read a bit online about it and whereas I can understand that I should not expect perfection at this price point, nor it is a bad as some of the other examples I've seen online, I am still left a bit short on my new purchase euphoria. The photos actually look a bit worse than reality and I can only see the darkening of the screen when having full white background. However I dork with excel a lot so I may be seeing it a lot, and once you notice it you kind of see it all the time. Just to clarify, I'm not a games but might start one up once in a while, I bought it mostly for entertainment purposes and to help me when working from home. However my biggest worry is that it will only get worse in time. There is also a bit of a bleed from the bottom left side, but I think I can live with that. What do you guys think, should I take a gable and return it and order a new one? I must admit dead pixels would annoy me far more than that.