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Posts posted by takadii

  1. Thank you so much for your Reply 

    I cleaned the ram slots and reseated all cables 

    i double checked the Manuel you sent and and im Stuck between two steps 

    PSU works fine , but the PC doesn't make any sounds/beeps/lights when i try to turn it on 

    i double Check Psu using paperclip and still works , again i plug all cords in and try to turn it on and nothing happens

  2. Thank you so much for the quick Reply 

    I toke another look at the fans and they seem stable ... but as you said something might be shaking inside, I don't want to open it up but ... is the sounds noraml? it won't get damaged right ? i can keep playing with this ? 

    Again Thank you so much and yea the figure looks beautiful inside a PC than a shelf 😅

  3. I got this Used GPU Gigabyte Gtx 1660 TI  this week and it's and i was confused about this sound when i play Games ... they are set At Mid-High ... same settings when i had 1050 Ti but i wasn't hearing any noises tho 

    but in this one i have no clue if it's Normal or no 

    Ps : it happens only when i game ... it's quite when I'm browsing or Editing

    Here's a clip