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  1. Does it work with all game clients if I run multiple instances?
  2. My cpu is only working at 1% but GPU is 100% whatever game I play or setting I use. I want to give some space for sony vegas by limiting GPU usage I cant use any video software when my gpu is caped at 100%. Any Idea I can useless gpu power?
  3. So when I launch a game, it will always use almost 100% of GPU power. I want to cap gpu usage at 20% because I want to run 5 instances. Is this possible without fps capping software? Because I want to hit exact 20%.
  4. I'm want to rename process name for setting up rules that interact with each runing process. For example if I open up firefox in task manager it should show firefox 1.exe, the second one should show firefox 2.exe. I have tried renaming the file but it always show firefox.exe Any solution? Thank you.
  5. Is it possible to assign ip addresses to a program.exe that is running in multiple instances with the same name but different process ids(PIDS). I want to assign each PID with different socks5 ip address. I have tried using proxifier but doesnt have this option to change the running process in task manager.
  6. Normally I use VPN but it affects all running programs, chrome and everything. I just want to change ip address of one single application. Is there a way I can do this? Thank you.