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  1. In terms of future upgradability will the 1.35v kits be better? is 32gb or 16gb better? Can I still run at 3200/3600 with the 3733 or 4000 kits @ 14CL?
  2. Just for the sake of argument, if We think about upgradability in the future, would the 1.35v 4000 16gb be better or 3733 32gb?
  3. Here are the choices, which ram should I pick? I plan to run the Ryzen 3600 with the X570 I Aorus Pro Wifi (in an NZXT H1 case)
  4. Sorry I wasn't clear. In the UEFI I would disable XMP, & system memory multiplier to 32 (x100) 1. If I tried to dial the timings to 16-18-18-38-56, or set voltages the "ram overclock" would fail and ram will run at 2133, fabric at 1200. 2. If I left all the timings and voltages to auto, the ram and fabric will run at 3200/1600 but latency would be at 22CL. The system would also be kind of unstable (even with no cpu overclock)
  5. I've tried that, CL timings go up from the rated 16 to 22. I've also tried giving it a little more voltage (1.38 vs 1.35) still no dice =(
  6. - Just wanted to mention that the board is an ITX board with only two ram slots that are both populated - Also that there's only one XMP profile
  7. I'm on G.Skill Trident Neo Ram rated at 3200 MHz 16-18-18-38-56, entirely new system, Aorus X570 I pro wifi, Ryzen 3600. I'm having trouble running the ram at the rated 3200 speeds by turning XMP profile on. As you can see mem frequency is only running at 2133MHz, as shown in the bios, cpu-z and HWinfo. Here the FCLK is somehow running at 1200, which seems strange to me. - Bios is at newest version - tried resetting the CMOS I am able to, however, to get the ram up to 3200Mhz (and the FCLK up to 1600) by manual overclocking in Ryzen master at 1.38v with XMP turned off, but the cl latency goes way up to 22, which is unacceptable. G.Skill Trident Neo ram is supposed to be fully compatible with Ryzen. I'm only looking to run the ram at the rated speeds, what else can I try?