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  1. Too many connections, if something goes wrong like a loose wire somewhere then have to go checkup all the connections. Simply doesnt sound like a 2020 setup.
  2. Laptop's volume keys aint working when the speaker is connected via hub
  3. Tried this just now. worked but no way to control volume. But too many wires and too many connections, less reliable.
  4. @JoostinOnline If a way could be figured out the I can cast with my mobile device as well. Right now I can only cast from my laptop as it allows me to use internal speakers while casting onto the monitor, but no such option on the mobile phone sadly.
  5. Does this work bi-directionally ? Because I might not be connecting this to my laptop and just connect a chromecast to this hub and cast video wirelessly. Would it work that way ? Right now in my setup I am casting wirelessly but missing the audio as there is no resource to connect an external speaker.
  6. Hello Everyone, I am having a bit of technical problem so thought of asking you guys, since you guys are the best. I have an old Samsung monitor (B2030) with only VGA and DVI ports available. My laptop does not have a VGA or DVI port so I bought this DVI to HDMI adapter, hence I am able to get video on the screen but I have to use my laptop's internal speakers for audio since the monitor does not have an audio jack or a USB port to somehow plugin external speakers. I did see a few VGA adapters with a headphone jack but on those listings, it was specifically mentioned that they were non-bidirectional and the VGA side should be connected to source/laptop which is not possible in my case. So what is the way out? How can I get an external speaker connected to this monitor (Samsung b2030)? I can connect an external speaker to my laptop and route the audio but I want something plug and play. If I was to route the audio out through my laptop then everytime I am sharing my screen or casting a video to the monitor, I have to manually cast the audio as well. It feels like sitting on a jungle of wire. Please help!!