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  1. i just dont know heaps about pcs i built it to game on a budget and bout the psu for cheep i was worried it may have been a bigger problem just wanted a second thought
  2. it black screens and all my fans drop to half speed and the psu is a megapower some cheepo crap i got when i just built got it for like $50 second hand lol
  3. my pc keep shutting down under load, it will run for in a loading screen then once in game it will shut off i also just got a new gpu but my old one did the same aswell specs RX570 GPU 4GB, PRIME B450M-A MOB, 8GB RAM, AMD 3200 G CPU COOLER MASTER MASTERLIQUID ML240L RBG AIO 450w PSU 1 ssd 1 hdd