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  1. Dang. Would the best bet be then shipping cpu and mobo back to the supplier if they have a "faulty" returns policy where they check and replace or reship back of not fault then i guess.
  2. Kinda hard with the rona right now. Any diagnostic tools able to test the dimm slots?
  3. Yeah swapped them round and b2 was unrecognised still, both ram sticks work in a1 a2 as single channel
  4. Hi, I have just put together a Asrock b450m pro4 Asus rog strix radeon rtx 570 Ryzen 5 3600 Viper patriot ddr4 3200 16gb (2x8gb) Corsair 450w bronze 80plus cv450 psu Hardware installation went fine, however upon boot an issue popped up during boot pmu memory training dimm 0 Ram installed into a2 and b2 slots. Only 8gb recognised by bios and windows, cpuz sees 16gb. Only way I have found to fix it is use single channel a1 a2 to get 16gb recognised in windows/bios I rechecked the cpu pins, all perfect, stock fan wasnt too tight. Anyway I can check if this is cpu, mobo or ram?so I can send back the correct part to the distributor? Many thanks. Ps I have not touched the bios from stock however I did instal amd4 chipset driver package from amd website.