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  1. ishjob


    so im undervolting because its inside a ncase m1... and it was at thermal limit (84 c) while playing apex and r6
  2. So I have a evga 2080 ti black edition, im trying to undervolted but it my first time. so far with msi after burner I have it running at 1920mhz at 0.913v. I ran heaven benchmark with out crashing (at 1920mhz and 0.875v it did or somewhere around there) and all they games I play run smoothly. Is this a good? does the card run at a higher MHz?
  3. ishjob


    Ok, so the sound from the motherboard is clean I hear no distortion or hissing it just to low. I'll be getting the magni3+ and I'll run it like that if I hear anything wrong with the audio I'll be going the one of the two dacs provided by rice guru. Thank you both for the help.
  4. ishjob


    I've been given the hd660s and they sound really low with my onboard audio. I want to get a something to amp them up, so I was thinking of pairing it with a magni/modi schiit stack. I was wondering if this was a good pairing, if not what you recommend for about the same price point?