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  1. Alright, ill go ahead and see if i can manage to find one
  2. ok edit: Cheapest one i found on newegg is 299 so uh...
  3. Rig - laptop that sucks

    "Work rig" - Optiplex 990 Space Saving that has no upgrades except a SSD

  4. Hi, i was looking for a decent graphics card that can at least run something as low tier as roblox on 60-70 fps. Im comparing it to a intel HD 5500 and 2000. Please help.
  5. Hi, i was wondering if the i5-2400 is still somewhat competitive. Im new in the whole CPU scheme and dont know much. Sorry if this is a stupid question.
  6. This video is marked by youtube as "offencive?". I mean there is scenes of the riots, but the community surrounding this channel is pretty upset about yt marking this as offencive. The community still thinks that yt is just siding with the chinese goverment. I think that the blood and riot scenes are not really much of a deal. You still see those in games and yt dosnt give a damn.
  7. I didnt repost this. And okay, i might as well just get a new PC and sell this at ebay or at a pawn shop or something. Thanks.
  8. Im currently planning to transplant all of my hardware in my optiplex 990 space saving into a bigger case. Im doing this so i can fit a full sized graphics card inside the thing. Note: im going to using a new power supply and im going to get rid of the CD drive and replace it with a normal SSD. Is this possible and is this a bad idea? Im currently on a VERY tight budget,
  9. So uh, i own a Optiplex 990 space saving PC. Im currently trying to upgrade it into a fuctioning thing that is somewhat useable. Im looking for 2 low profile graphic cards that support SLI or Crossfire. Any suggestions? Im still a beginner as in computer tech, so please excuse my lack of knowledge.