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  1. Thanks Mr Woof. that previous information had me worried for a moment there.
  2. Okay. i'm so confused. Werecatf said these are correct readings. but after doing some research i found that VID is NOT a voltage. It's just a value sent from the CPU to the motherboard. Ignore it. Is this correct?
  3. After dropping LLC to High and increasing V-core to 1.35v getting lower temps in the 80's now during cinebench. I watched the V-core on CPUz and it didnt go over 1.272v. Vin 1, 2 and 3 still really high
  4. were does it show VCORE on that program?
  5. I turned LLC to High but got BSOD non stop. so increased Vcore to 1.35 and no bsod atm but still got vin 1 and vin 2 2.016 V
  6. Could this be a problem with HWmonitor readings>?
  7. ooh shit i was just looking at the top vcore not other lines.... ill drop that down now.
  8. Thanks guys.Ill keep it as it is for now.
  9. Hey guys. I have a question regarding overclocking my i7-8700k to 5ghz on Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 and H115i Pro Corsair 280mm AIO. Currently i have OC to 5ghz with 1.310 V and LLC on Turbo. It seems to be stable but im hitting 90c on some cores during Cinebench test. When gaming it doesnt even fo over 75. I am able to crank case and cooler fans to 100% and i get about 85c during the test but not putting up with the noise. No load temp is 25'c-30c with heater on. Will these temps be okay?
  10. Update for anyone having the same issue. it was a conflict between windows and realtek triver. need to find compatible versions for both. in my case it was the latest Realtek driver and the latest 2004 update for windows.
  11. Yeah it's definitely not consumer friendly. Seems i got it working now with no Audio Manager, i cannot turn on/off Noise Suppression or Echo Cancellation without the audio manager thou but i can change format. Also, this driver freaks out whenever i use discord with it.
  12. No as i had it working before like when i didn't use realtek drivers. I managed to get mic working on the driver that has no audio manager, the mic volume for some unknown reason was auto turning down after installing the driver. so i have mic working again but still no manager.
  13. I don't know i am so confused. when it happens my mic volume becomes very loud and distorted like an alien. To fix it i simply turn mic on and off again and its back to normal. Yes, i have restarted after installation the install asks you to do it after installing. would be nice to have the realtek audio manager because there is no other way to change the format to a higher quality. If i try and do it in windows it breaks the sound all together because its being run by another application, an application that i cannot control. Everything works fine with default windows driver after fresh install of windows. this is only happening when i install realtek. now for some reason i cant even roll back to windows high definition audio driver, when i try no sound at all.
  14. I use the two back outputs green for headset sound or speaker sound (swap when needed) and pink has microphone. I use speakers and a headset but swap when i need to use them.