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  1. So what for my spec i habye 2*16Gb 2666mhz Corsair Vengeance, and wanna add 2*16Gb 2666mhz more for the system because you know 2 ram rgb look lonely need full stack ;)). Will it make a different compare to 2x32Gb 3000mhz?
  2. I know this is old or stupid question. But i really want know what will be a main difference between 4*16Gb 2666/3200/4000mhz Compare to 2*32Gb 2666/3200/4000mhz Or 8*8Gb 2666/3200/4000mhz I already know more ram module = more energy consumption. Will all module run at the same bus, or it multiplying the number of module, or will it get more performance?