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  1. Taking a look at Windows Events, I found this, lots of DHCP errors, not exactly when the internet dcs, but there are lots of them, I tried to change to a while back, then my ISP give me one of their own to use, none worked, and atm I'm using windows DHCP. Can this be the issue I'm having?
  2. Mine is a Zhone 2424. I will take a look into that, at least it's not in the link's list.
  3. Didn't know about this tool, I'm checking it right now to see if I can find anything. Any tip on where to look at? I also think it's a router/modem problem... But they refuse to replace it because they "can't find any issue in my network". I already opened a rant against them in a website. Unfortunately I don't have others ISP options... Also, forgot to mention, sometimes, when I notice a game "starts" to disconnect or a stream stop loading, if I quickly open some random webpages, SOMETIMES, it won't dc at all, and starts functioning normally back again... it's so weird
  4. I've been struggling with my Internet for like 3-4 months. Whenever I want to play a game, watch streams, use discord, my internet "disconnects", the internet doesn't actually dc, but the service stops working, speed tests are fine, ping in games are fine. I will describe some examples below: -I was playing WoW and whenever I went to Orgrimmar (big cities) the game would disconnect, if I tried on a character which was in a low population place, it would work properly. -On discord, my friends can only hear me speaking but i can't hear them, or the other way around, if I leave the channel and come back, it start working again for like 10 seconds. -Watching Twitch livestreams, and analyzing the task manager, sometimes, my down/up stream suddenly go to 0 (image below). Sometimes the livestream come back automatically others time I need to refresh the page. It happens always, sometimes it takes 5 minutes to start happening these issues, other times can take hours. I use it on cable, I have a fresh Windows 10 install, tried on another notebook, on cable and WiFi, tried with a switch, a USB x RJ45 adapter, tried with another cable, changed speed and duplex configs on Ethernet adapter, changed WiFi password to avoid any possible phone malwares, none of that worked. The ISP guy that came to my house said the fiber signals are fine too. I've been using USB-anchor with my phone 4G for the last 2-3 days and I haven't dced once. I don't have access to any of my router configuration (can only change WiFi password), as it's locked by the ISP (I also can only use 1 out of the 4 ports in the back of the router), and they don't want to replace my router because they said they can't find any disconnects/down time or whatever... Any idea if there is anything else I can do or it's probably a router issue? Also, is there any software I can keep tracking my internet and check what happens when the down/up streams go to 0, like the picture above?
  5. Hello, I got a X512FJ-EJ225T laptop with the specs below: - i5-8265U - Nvidia 230MX - 2GB GDDR5 (Driver 445.87) - 1x 8GB RAM - 120 SSD - 1920x1080 screen - Windows 10 Home - 1909 When I play games, it stutter really bad, I tried multiple OEM ASUS GPU driver, the oldest driver I could find in NVIDIA website, and I'm using the newest one at this moment, I re-installed windows, I always use it plugged, I've put the 99% on max processor thing on the energy management, I've tried everything I could find, disabling windows game bar thing, tried to cool it with an old cooler-base, but it didn't drop the temperature (maybe the base is too old and slow, idk), and the temperature doesn't even seems to be too high, I think... The only thing that seems to have worked better was when I installed Ubuntu and tried to run Albion, it had lower FPS but it didn't cause any stutter at all. The game running is Albion Online, which is not the most optimized game ever, but the same occurs on League of Legends. NOTE: The tests were made with all the default NVIDIA panel control configurations. Here is an image of my GPU working while the game was showing on background, but the windows was focused on GPU-Z screen, the GPU clock seems pretty stable, even if it shows lots of Thermal Cap reason, that's why I don't really think it's a thermal issue... And then, I clicked on the game screen, I was at the character selection screen, which has no fancy animations, only my character and this fireplace which we can notice the stutter. Link to the stutter GIF: https://imgur.com/La4poJX (The green arrow is when I clicked on the game) I literally did nothing else, and the GPU went crazy. The game is already on minimum settings, sometime it seems that in Full-screen, with v-sync on, it works better compared to Windowed full-screen mode. Also, it's worth noting that if I set better graphics, the GPU seems to run more stable, because it's kinda know it has to run better and won't be lazy, but it still stutters after all. Other tool I used to check my GPU function was the NvOptimusTestViewer64. And when I'm playing games, it goes to ON->IDLE->ON like crazy. The images below are from the game League of Legends, which we hope to be more optimized, all the drivers configurations were the default one too. All I did in game was running the river up and down, no heavy effects at all. Opened LoL on med-high settings, full-screen and v-sync on, running at 60 fps, some times goes down to 45-50, seemed to have no stutters at all: https://imgur.com/LgTR9RR All settings on low, windowed mode and no v-sync, fps reached max 70 and goes down to 30, note that the the settings are lower than the above: https://imgur.com/UGd617O Went back to the starting setting, med-high settings, full-screen and v-sync on, and it got worse, stuttered like the second settings: https://imgur.com/FWAo9u7 The PerfCap Reason on the graphs are: Grey: Idle Pink: Thermal Blue: Reliability voltage (not sure what this one means) Here you can see a gameplay with the same specs as mine, and it runs really well. To finish, some FurMark running, the first image is 1920x1080, avg 13 fps, and the second 1024x576, avg 28 fps. https://imgur.com/nkXLBJ5 (this one green cap was Power, not sure what it means exactly) https://imgur.com/KvDsYzZ That's it for now, I don't know what more I can bring to you guys, but I'm up to anything that would help you find a solution with me. Sorry if the post is confusing, feel free to ask and I can try to explain better. Thanks for now. (I posted imgur URLs because my images went on queue and didn't load in the post...)