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  1. Bill them

    1. Woxolifo


      Is that a possibility? I did send them an email asking what was up with that and letting them know my items came broken just the delivery date + contact date can prove that to a point. I know its only around $60 for shipping but in these times that does hurt a little as a surprise bill.


      I could save maybe a little money but by shipping UPS or Fedex but that like a 35 min drive both ways so over an hour. It only like a $5-10 difference and id spend that in gas anyway on the drive. UPS is only a 3 min walk from my house.

    2. Bombastinator


      You can try it.  Whether they pay it is another question.  C.O.D would also be amusing but they could just refuse the shipment.  That’s some lame behavior on their part.  Most companies don’t do that.

  2. I love that when corsair sends you a broken item you need to pay to ship it back. I have two things from them DOA. spent $400 total, going to cost me $60 to ship it back. plus 2 - 4 weeks of wait time


    If I knew that I would have bought from another company. I will now forever buy the store warranty so I can just bring it to the store and replace it for a new one no hassle. 


    I'm sure it saves them a ton of money but out of all my returns/RMA's in the past I never had to pay. I get if I broke it myself but it came broken.


    My rant is over. and yes im going to pay to ship them nothing else I can do.

  3. Yes the PSU would be the only thing. DO you think my current mobo is broken or just the PSU is being weird. im not going to lie its been like 1-2 weeks since i messed with the PC since It has been bugging me. Ive just been using my 6 year old rig for the time being. Ill RMA my PSU (hopefully they will pay shipping. its corsair and they just made me pay $30 to ship a keyboard RMA) and should I RMA my mobo too or keep that and see if the PSU is the issue?
  4. in the USA you pay tax on all online purchases now it depends on the laws where you live. only like 1-2 years ago you could buy steam games and it was the list price with no tax. So just go to the checkout page and it will tell you. you dont need to buy it it tells you the full total before that.
  5. Maybe I have not been clear even though I thought I was. So I will make a simple list of the issues and what I did. 1. build new pc. 2. days after the pc working fine all the monitors randomly said "no display" and went black. It let me reboot and it worked fine for like 2 more hours. 3. after the 2 hours the it showed "no display" and went black. After a reboot it says "no display" and never worked again. 4. I test the gpu and it works. I return the mobo and buy a new one. 5. I buy a new motherboard using all the same other parts I build the pc. the PC boots and works. It shows a display. - This confirms all my parts work -GPU, CPU, RAM drives. 6. After a few days the monitors say "no display" and go black again. When I reboot it stays black and says "no display" 7. I tried to reboot the PC again, the TV I had it plugged into via HDIM shows the ASUS logo but the screen had a green tint and lines. It looked like a dying gpu/ bad hdmi connection but the GPU was tested in another system and works 100% fine. the cable for the TV was tested and its 100% fine. The PC was connected to 2 other monitors at the time and they shows a black screen. 8. Now its been over 1 week and the PC will display nothing at all *Note when it went black I was only using chrome so no intensive program was running, Temps where in the 40-45c range at time of crash* So based on that what would you conclude is the issue? A faulty PSU that is killing something on the mobo? did the Ryzen PBO somehow do this by boosting voltage or something? but that would harm the CPU not the PCIE right? I just need to try to pin point the issue. If I end up just buying a new mobo again and that one dies I will just keep wasting money / time via RMA. There has to be something that is causing something to break and I need help figuring it out. Or am I on the right track?
  6. it doesn't go into blackout mode. its like that from start up. I get zero display at all. I only got display for the first few days, as soon as it went black the PC will not show a display. From the second I press the power button the screen says "No Display" This is the whole reason I had to buy a new motherboard in the first place. The system turns on lights wise, the mouse and KB light up and work, but the screen will never display anything other then "no signal/no display" that's why I asked if the PSU killed something, because no matter what gpu I put into the PCIE slot it will not display anything, but all the other parts work in other systems.
  7. last longer as in battery or as in life span of the machine? if the ladder it really doesn't matter, the performance is worth it they last long no matter what. If talking about battery a dgpu would use more power so I could see it dying faster
  8. it worked, It said it was already the default but I guess clicking on default again fixed it for some reason.
  9. I have like 500gb free but when I try to download any game on steam it says my space left is 0 bytes and says I need to free up space. Is there a way to fix this?m
  10. They have been getting hit hard with advanced RMA's that people never send items back or use a fake/old card and they pretty much loose money. Im sure thats why they did it. maybe they got it mixed up with another claim? who knows. Just call or email and explain and see what happens
  11. no I didn't. would they be on the drive? can I just put the drive on another system to look or do I need to be booted into that windows
  12. Ram is ram, most are pretty much the same. So pick the cheaper one or the one you like the look of better, Ive used both brands and love both.
  13. yup CPU temps are amazing I was getting like 50c on full load. Umm I believe I can get my hands one, My roommate does construction and ive seen him with one before. But I have never use one before.
  14. its just a 3900x with a 1080 ti, 16gb ram, corsair 2019 psu I think. Asus rog x570 mobo