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  1. Hi, I would like to wait for the new GPUs but currently I don't have a GPU (currently I have a 2016 Macbook Pro, but also a Dell R720XD for turning it into gaming pc+ virtualization server/nas) and I can't play many games I would like to play on Geforce Now which I thought that it would be able to hold me until the new cards are released. So, I am looking for a good GPU to be able to play recent games in 1440p with decent fps and I have the following (possible) options with my opinions below, what would be your advice? 2070 Super Brand: MSI Gaming X Trio State: Used, first purchase date is 23.07.2019 original price was 653 EUR Price: 500 EUR Concern: Expensive, is it worth the extra cost? 1080ti Brand: EVGA icx State: Used, claimed to have warranty, but can't see the invoice Price: 400EUR Concern: State of the cards unknown, seller didn't respond for warranty status RX 5700 XT Brand: Gigabyte Gaming OC State: New Price: 430 EUR Concern: Driver issues?
  2. You're correct, I forgot to tell the resolution. I happen to have LG 27UK850 which is 4K 6Hz. But I think I can still live with 1440p for now until the new Nvidia GPUs come. And even if I use 4k, I think it'll do better than my PS4 Pro. I'm living in The Netherlands. I did check local sites and also Amazon (NL, DE and UK) and the prices are more or less like I stated. After your tip, I found out that Gigabyte seems better, but then I also noticed Gigabyte Aorus RX 5700 XT which is €30 more than the Gigabyte RX 5700 XT OC which seems to run cooler and gives better performance. What is your opinion on that? Well, I'm also concerned with GPUs used for mining since I've seen some of them being mentioned. It's luck I believe and after sleeping on it, it seems that it's better to get a new one. In addition to this, the advantage of 5700 XT would be to be able to use for MacOS Catalina Hackintosh as well. From performance perspective, do you think there's a huge difference?
  3. Hi, Being inspired by Linus's Hackintosh and Windows on the same machine video, I'm intrigued to do the same and take my place in the rows of PC Gaming. Now, I already own an MBP 15" Late 2016, a PS4 Pro with PS VR and a 1gbit internet connection. So, after some second-hand research, I got my hands on a Dell Poweredge R720XD with 2x Xeon E5-2690 and 64GB DDR3 1600MHz and started for searching the GPU(s). Seeing that Nvidia outperforms AMD for gaming, and also my interest in building a Hackintosh (and get an iPad Pro to connect to the Hackintosh remotely if I need the horsepower), I thought of having two GPUs (thanks Apple for not supporting Nvidia). But budget-wise I cannot buy two GPUs at the same time, and gaming has the priority since I already have a Mac. In addition to this, I learned that Nvidia would likely release their new GPUs somewhere in September. Now, I don't want to wait until September but buying 2080ti at the moment doesn't seem logical as well. Since I can live with MacOS High Sierra if I go with a Hackintosh (don't need to at the moment though), I thought maybe 1080ti would be an option. So, here I am in between buying a second hand 1080ti for around €500 or a brand new PowerColor RX 5700 XT Red Devil for €470. 2070 Super would also be an option, but that's around €600-700, and I can't justify it since I will check the next-gen Nvidia GPUs. Given the situation, what would be your advice? Games that I play currently (on PS4 but most probably move to PC) - Witcher 3 - Red Dead Redemption II - Assassins' Creed Origins - Deus Ex - Horizon Zero Dawn