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  1. if this counted in LOL there would be like a biilliong lol
  2. alek

    Mantle on 7000 series?

    Anyone know if matle will be supported on the 7000 series of cards
  3. alek

    Best 150$ monitor?

    My friend is looking for a monitor and his price range is around 150, anyone have any recomendations?
  4. alek

    BF4 second asualt DLC only on XBOX one

    your thinking of china rising
  5. alek

    BF4 second asualt DLC only on XBOX one

    except every cod is a dlc for the last lol
  6. alek

    BF4 second asualt DLC only on XBOX one

    your right for the rest of the dlc but this ones not comning to other platforms for a while
  7. The new second asault DLC for BF4 has only been released for the xbox one launch day and there is no release date for PC or PS4. Yet again microsoft is trying to kill pc gamers
  8. alek

    Best Headset?

    yeah there 120$ on amazon im most likely just going to go with thoose with a mod mic
  9. alek

    Best Headset?

    what about the Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X
  10. alek

    Best Headset?

    what is the best headset for gaming in the 150$-250$ dollar range?
  11. alek

    Can my GPU handle this Monitor?

    always try to match the price of your monitor with the price of your gpu and youll be fine other wise you will have the eyes but not the brain
  12. ive been playing games since i was 5. played gta when i was 7 and i havnt done any violent acts execpt the time i sliced my neighbors throat but the bitch deserved it
  13. alek


    case: corsair c70 cpu: 377k gpu: sli 670's ram: 16gb mobo: gygabyte z77 ud3h psu: corsair 850ax 80plus gold cooling: h100i case is all decked out with noctua fans
  14. alek

    windows 8. WHY?