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  1. right this is where my question is!! since most softwares use CUDA core then again rx 5700xt is much powerfull than 2060 super so does that difference really noticable?
  2. Hi i'm trying to build a new pc for my architectural 3D rendering and a little gaming. Im in my student level now so the budget is a little tight about 1000 dollars. Seeing the new amd blasting gpu's i was really egar to go for rx 5700 or rx 5700xt. But heard(could be rumor) that amd cards are'nt that good when it comes to rendering. So i had this other other option to go for 2060 super. As i m gonna run softwares like twinmotion, lumion,vray, revit and other CAD softwares. I still thinking of the rumor about amd gpu not being so good in renderings. P.s my current rig specs Ryzen 3 3300x Nvme m.240gb Corsair vengeance 3200mhz 16gb ram 1tb 5600rpm hard drive Gpu: 2060 6gb/rx 5700 Or 2060 super 8gb/rx 5700xt Power supply. As required. Motherboard: b450m