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  1. Hat STILL need to be coded for networking.
  2. I said no multiplayer!
  3. Today, I started working on my first indie game that I actually have a plan to publish on Steam, and boy it couldn’t have been a worse time to start. I began the scripting at 10:00PM during a staycation at a local hotel on a 10 year old Acer Aspire One netbook. Not only was the hardware bad, (Don’t worry, I have an actually decent computer that I do most of the work on) but I was so tired that even copy-pasting was a pain in the butt to do. Anyways, I barely did anything today, so I’ll update this blog next time I actually do something productive.
  4. Don’t know much about overclocking, but from what I’ve heard in a JayzTwoCents video, 1.5V is a lot, so I’d say keep it under there.
  5. Because it’s a Ryzen chip, I’d go with 2666mHz RAM or faster. CL16 or lower is also pretty good.
  6. Yeah, the new R3 CPUs are pretty good and bang-for-the-buck. I would recommend as well.
  7. As a fellow Canadian, I can understand the pain of trying to find important parts for low prices. I’m not all that familiar with the Ryzen 5 lineup’s performance, but if the 1600AF’s price is still lower than that of the 2600, I would go for it.
  8. Possibly a faulty drive. Look on the manufacturer’s page to see if anyone else has had this problem if there’s a Q&A on the site. Then look at reseller pages for reviews as well. If there’s no info about an issue like this, it’s probably a faulty drive.
  9. Let it auto-sleep, and if you want to fully turn it off, use the power button on the case. If this annoys the heck out of you, clear CMOS and see if it helps. Of it works fine, try re-enabling XMP. It could also be an issue with the Windows install, so maybe load your files onto an external drive, and re-install the OS.
  10. Yeah, minimum specs for Minecraft are pretty low-grade. Just keep the FPS capped or your computer will basically cook itself from trying to get super high framerates.
  11. Cloaked

    Game Pitch

    New thread about game development: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1217521-need-game-ideas/
  12. So recently I've been doing a bunch of work on game design, but there's a bit of a problem; I've been pushing myself way too much, and basically sub-consciously trying to be a AAA dev. So now, I want your guys' ideas for games for me to work on! Now, I know that a fellow community member has a website with ideas to work on, but I want to see what a wide group of people wants to be built. I just have 3 rules: 1: NO MULTIPLAYER. I've been working on a bunch of networking, and it's just tuckered me out, so please don't mention multiplayer. 2: Keep it simple. The whole reason that I'm asking the community is because I've been pushing and challenging myself too much. 3: Absolutely no VR. I don't have a VR headset lying around, and don't feel like blowing $500 on one just for this project. Other than that, go wild! The five ideas I like the best will go to the next round, which will be a poll. Thanks in advance, everyone!
  13. Cloaked

    Game Pitch

    Yeah, that was how this was going to work, but I didn’t know the actual name for it.
  14. Cloaked

    Game Pitch

    What’s P2P? I’m still relatively new to game development and all that jazz.
  15. Cloaked

    Game Pitch

    That's a good point to bring up, actually. But I'm just an indie developer that doesn't have $10,000,000 dollars to blow on putting servers across the world.