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  1. Yes, I can go into safe mode but I can also use the computer normally, but it randomly crashes. I uninstalled the driver and that seemed to have solved the issue, but these headphones have a constant static noise which is REALLY annoying when the driver is not installed. When the driver is installed I can still notice it but it's very easy to ignore.
  2. Got myself a cheap pair of surround headphones, plugged them in, installed the driver, played for like half a day and my pc crashed. BSOD, page fault in nonpaged area, what failed: uaext.sys. My pc keeps BSOD ing since. What can I do? Already ran chkdsk and disabled the page file. Right now I tried exiting the headphone software as soon as it opens, I will see if that fixes the problem. The headphones are Redragon Muses.