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  1. Thanks for everyone's help. Think I will need to have a good look around and think about what i want/need. As the set up i have the now is working OK the now.
  2. TBH i don't know if its full license or OEM, I am not very technical when it comes to PCs. I know I have DDR3 ram at the moment, so i know that i would need to upgrade the motherboard. As for the case, thats fince. Its not overheating at all.
  3. OK so my next question would be. Is it worth upgrading the set up i have or start fresh and build from scratch over time
  4. so i would need to upgrade the CPU as well as the GPU and monitor? Thanks everyone
  5. i play Call of duty, GTA V and other like that. I play with the setting on medium at the moment and currently getting 60fps
  6. Is it worth upgrading..... i have a basic set up (i7 3770 3.4ghz, 16GB ram with a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650). I play a lot of games. I want to upgrade my monitor to a minimum 144hz as currently on a 60hz. Would my current graphic card be able to handle a higher refresh rate, or would i need to upgrade that, along with the monitor. If so what would i need to upgrade to, without breaking the bank. Any help on this would be great, as upgrading PC's is not really in my wheel house.