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  1. Is there an official statement from Asus? Like a link of some sort.
  2. I don't have borderlands 3 so I can't exactly compare. But judging from the temperatures of the CPU, I can see some improvements. What is your ambient (room) temperatures currently? Also I do have No man's sky vanilla though, I would like to also ask if you can post your temps and fps while playing that game. I run No man's sky at max settings, mostly constant 60 fps other than times like when mining it drops to around mid 40s. CPU temps are rather toasty on my side, constantly hovering at 89 C with occasional 90-91s C hot. Though this is at an ambient temperature of 30-32 C (tropical country, no air conditioning). Modification I did was i removed the 'paper-like' thingies blocking the bottom vents, not the metal plates though. And I also have a laptop cooler pad.
  3. Particular thermal paste brand you used? Also any particularly 'heavy' games you've tried and what ave fps and temps you got? Thanks!
  4. From what country are you from? Here is one big thing I noticed, I live in a tropical country and ambient temperatures is a big deal. I usually play in a room without airconditioning, and I constantly throttle, my frequency jumps all over the place, goes like 3.3 - 3.8 Ghz, never goes past 3.8 Ghz). But a few days ago I started playing in an airconditioned room at roughly 21 degrees C ambient temp I can now hit 3.9/4.0 Ghz and my CPU temp stays cool at 75 degrees. Less framedrops in farcry 5, and no frame drops at all in no man's sky.
  5. Oh ok. Other question, any of you have this stutter issue in games, like Far cry 5 (settings on high), No man's sky (high), battlefield 1 (high)? My framerate drops from around 70s to 50s and it makes the game stutter during gameplay. I can't seem to get a solid 60+. I also experience this to many other AAA games. Checked my cpu temps in game and it is at 85 C max (far cry 5). Also removed those "paper" that covers the fan intake from the bottom. Edit: I checked my temps when playing no man's sky and apparently it goes much higher at 90 C. Edit2: Also noticed the CPU frequency to be fluctuating all over the place while gaming.