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  1. https://de.pcpartpicker.com/list/HgkfZf // Edit: I placed the B450-F Gaming there as the B550-F Gaming is not available yet but I'll get the B550 instead of the B450.
  2. Hej y'all! I'm currently struggling with choosing the perfect PSU for my planned setup. I've checked out some PSU Wattage Calculator-pages such as this, this, or the one at pcpartpicker.com The result for my parts are always between 350 and 450 wattage. I'm absolutely confused because that sounds really tight to me. Also at the first calculator page gave me a result of 437w and recommended me a 850w PSU? Thanks in advance! Regards, baeni
  3. Hej y'all! I'm curious where to find the RTX 2080 with it's original design. I can just find it from brands with designs like that. Thanks in advance! Regards, baeni
  4. Hej y'all! Is it efficient to watercool the CPU even when still aircooling the GPU? Thanks in advance! Regards, baeni
  5. @Bombastinator Well okay, perfect. This is obviously the wrong sub-forum but I'd love to know your opinion about the 3600. Will it perform good with a gtx 2080 (Considering this as the gpu for me in the future)? If so, do u think that's a good combo when it comes to gaming? Talkin' about games like GTA V, Battlefield etc.
  6. That was actually the plan, thanks! Well also u said that the 3600s are no "power hogs". I hope u just meant that it doesn't need that much power to perform well. Or was that meant as "thats not a good cpu so the PSU will probably handle that easily"?
  7. Hej y'all! I am currently planning a build which was already discussed here. As my budget is pretty tight, I want to keep some parts of my current system temporarily while already using the parts (which u can see in the link below) until I've saved up a bit more. I'd then buy a new PSU & GPU. My question is, if my current PSU will be able to power my planned build without causing any problems or even damaging some parts(?). !Please notice that I am aware of having a huge GPU bottleneck with this setup but the GPU is part of my current setup & I'd upgrade that one asap as well as the PSU! This would be my temporary build: https://de.pcpartpicker.com/list/Jvmwf9. My current PSU is the following: "FSP Group FSP550-80GHN(85) 550w" As u've may noticed, the partpicker does not include a Motherboard. Thats because Im waiting for the B550 chip to be released. I'll then probably go with the B550-F Gaming or the B550 TUF. Again, to prevent any unnecessary replies: I just want to know, if my current PSU (FSP Group FSP550-80GHN(85) 550w) will handle my planned setup (https://de.pcpartpicker.com/list/Jvmwf9). Thanks in advance! Regards, baeni
  8. Oh okay. I'll definitely wait for the B550-F Gaming then and see how the price will be set. Actually like 5 minutes before I've read your comment, I realized that the B450-F Gaming only offers 2x RGB- but no aRGB-header. I thought I've read something different earlier. May u know about an alternative to the B550-F Gaming if it will be too expensive? Important for me are a solid VRM, M.2 SSD socket, support for DDR4 ~3000 MHz, not too less usb slots, support for the Ryzen 3000 series and an aRGB-header.
  9. Well uhm is there any price point revealed yet? I bet they will be way more expensive and I dont see why I should go for the B550 chip. But maybe the B450 chipped Motherboards will be cheaper then?
  10. @VEXICUS The Motherboard I mentioned is compatible out of the box aswell at the retailer of my choice. Nvm, I see why I should go with the Tomahawk max! My only concern here is that it has RGB lighting while I want to go with Corsair RGB components which uses iCue as software. MSI is not yet compatible. But I think I should just ignore that one & maybe wait for MSI to meet with Corsairs iCue. Thanks!
  11. What about the ASRock B450M Pro4-F? It has an ARGB-header which is perfect for me & has no RGB lightings on it so it does not have to be compatible with iCue. // edit : It does not support the Ryzen 3000 series from the box & I don't have an older AMD here to flash the BIOS myself so nvm this message.
  12. Thanks for your suggestion, @VEXICUS! I have some concerns with that build actually. I actually want to buy the Sharkoon Pure Steel as a case because 1. I really love the look & also I'd get like 40% off the price. Also I want to have some RGB elements. That's why I've chosen the Corsair Vengeance RGB instead of the LPX. The ROG Strix B450-F Gaming is my fav cuz I obv want to use iCue as the RGB-Software & Asus Motherboards with RGB are compatible with it & it has an ARGB-header which is really important for me. My question now is the folllowing: Why did u replace the Motherboard? Is there anything really bad with my choice or is that just because of the fact, that it supports up to 3200 memory speed without OCing? I mean the difference in gaming between 3000 & 3200 MHz is not really noticable as far as I know. Again, thanks for your suggestions, I'd love to get my questions answered!
  13. Thanks but as I already made a new one as u can see, would it be possible for you to delete the old one & just keep the new one in here? I think that would be a little bit more clear to everyone.
  14. Ouf okay I didn't even think about a possible incompatibility between my current ram & the r5. Also I did a research about what memory speed the Motherboard supports & found something about 2900 MHz without OCing so I thought I could go with 2666 instead of 3000 to save some money. // edit: The Motherboard apparently supports up to 2933 MHz // updated pcpartpicker: https://de.pcpartpicker.com/list/LqMy27
  15. Hej y'all. As I'm currently planning to build a new (my first) custom PC for myself, I'd love to hear some opinions. Please notice, that the components which are marked with a star, are components from my current build. I will replace them ASAP but in my opinion they are not that necessary as they won't kill my system. Budget (including currency): No really budget but not too expensive, lol. Calculating in € tho Country: Germany Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Mainly gaming - GTA V, Battlefield, Valorant, (Minecraft) Temporary Build: Motherboard: Asus ROG Strix B450-F Gaming CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Memory: Unknown but 16GB @ 1333 MHz* GPU: Nvidia GTX 970* PSU: FSP Group FSP550-80GHN(85) 550w***** Fans: 2x Fans which are included in the Sharkoon Pure Steel case Final Build: Well that's probably it. What I want to hear now is ... if the temporary planned build could cause problems or even damaged hardware(?) & ... if the final build will perform well(?) Thanks in advance to everyone! Regards, baeni <removed content by staff.