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  1. Do you use OBS or other programs using nvec h264 or so? If not, just replace the RTX 2070s with the RX 5700 XT.
  2. Yeah I'll see which one to choose. Yes, thanks!
  3. Yeah I came across this ram already but unfortunately it's not available in white which is also pretty important for me (forgot to mention that) as I want to keep it all black'n'white and nobody want's to spend hundreds of euros for white mobo so I thought having white ram would be a good compromise.The Trident Z Royal would be white but it's really pricey.
  4. Yeah I think the 2070 super is pretty good priced for a decent gforce card. Actually I've chosen the RAM cuz I wanted to go with corsair's rgb software ICUE but then I decided to get non-rgb fans so I might replace the ram aswell. Any recommendations for a decent ram? Should be rgb tho.
  5. Ah okay. That's kind of a shame as they look pretty dope imo. //Offtopic: Good job at ur logo btw
  6. Thought about getting an amd card actually but I really love the nvec h264 for using OBS.
  7. Which type of issues? Didn't read anything about Gigabyte tbh.
  8. Is there already a price revealed for the b550 tomahawk mag?
  9. Hej y'all! I'm still struggling with choosing a mobo for my planned setup. Here I've listed all my planned components for now: https://de.pcpartpicker.com/list/fZwpvW As the ROG Strix B550 mobos will probably cost too much, I checked the new Gigabyte mobos with the B550 chip. I found a site with the priced (dunno if they are 100% accurate tho). I'd love to hear some experiences with Gigabyte mobos from u and also which of the new Gigabyte B550's u'd recommend me. I'm thinking about the B550 Aorus Elite vs the B550m Aorus pro. Here's the price list and some information about the mobos: https://wccftech.com/gigabyte-b550-motherboards-prices-specs-detailed/ Thanks in advance! Best Regards, baeni.
  10. yeah but I actually love the FE design and my case will definitely have a window. That's also why I've chosen RGB ram.
  11. The B450 Tomahawk would cost me 117€. Should I wait for the MAG B550 Tomahawk and check its pricing? Actually it looks like it will cost way more as of the design factor.
  12. @Meganter Well I think the B550 Aorus series will be priced similar to the Strix B550-F Gaming. Would u then prefer the Strix or the Aorus?
  13. I just saw that there already seem to be a price point set: https://www.amazon.com/MSI-B550-ProSeries-Motherboard-DDR4/dp/B089CZSQB4?language=de_DE
  14. @Meganter Didn't know about the SSD, thanks! Actually I don't really like the look of the mobo, especially not the PCB. There will be a MSI B550-A PRO soon. Would that be a good looking alternative to the MSI B450-A PRO MAX? Hope it's not getting too expensive tho.