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  1. While I have dabbled a little in computer hardware, I am pretty unsure of what I am doing here. I have been running an HP 6000 Pro with a Core 2 Duo E8500 and a Gigabyte GTX 750 Ti for a few weeks now as a second cheap gaming PC for my girlfriend. The 750 Ti was a donor from my other PC, so I ordered a Palit GTX 750 1GB DDR5 to cheaply replace the 750 Ti and hopefully get mostly the same performance. The previous configuration ran with absolutely no issues, but when I swap in the Palit 750, windows could no longer boot. Instead I get the windows loading screen but with a magenta cast, followed by heavy artifacting on the display. After the PC beeps and attempts to boot a couple more times, I get windows attempting to try to repair itself. Eventually, windows successfully boots but still with heavy magenta cast and artifacting. At this point, windows will boot and I am already very worried. While I can operate the computer, it is pretty unusable due to artifacting. In device manager it is giving error code 43 for the card. I tried reinstalling drivers in device manager and in geforce experience. So, am I out of luck? Is the card broken? Is there something else I haven't thought to do? Since the 750 Ti was working absolutely fine and the 750 is not I am not hopeful.