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  1. can't seem to find that option in my bios
  2. just the headset, however already tried booting without usb devices pluggen in
  3. No beeps The logo is disabled so now the windows logo pops up, but same effect. Let me look for that detailed print option
  4. Nope, just the 1tb ssd NVME drive, so i don't think theres anything wrong with it
  5. Hey everyone I've had my computer for about 2-3 weeks now, i was adjusting some fan settings in the bios, and when i went to save and restart the boot-up got stuck on the asrock logo, and not doing anything anymore. In detail: I press the power button, the system boot after a sec of checking, fans spin, the post-message saying press f2 etc.. for bios shows up, then it proceeds to the asrock logo with the loading circle spinning, and stays just there. Here's what I've tried: CMOS Reset (no avail) Reseating RAM Clean reinstall of windows Reseating everything from gpu to ram (not the processor, i believe that's not the issue) Update all drivers (obviously, but nope) Here's what I've found: When putting my bios into ultra fast boot, it seems to skip the asrock logo and i get into my windows easily, sometimes the asrock logo gets stucka gain, but pressing the reset button allows me to get into windows again, this leads me to be lieve it's a software issue rather than a hardware issue? I believed there might be an issue with my ssd but then i wouldnt be able to get into it on ultra fast boot for example. This isn't a permanent solution for me however and i was hoping any of you could help me, at this point i'm just considering switching to an msi B450 Mortar, as I've seen many people have this issue with Asrock motherboards. Specs: Asrock B450m steel legend Ryzen 5 3600 2x8GB hyperx fury 3200mhz rx 5700XT phantom gaming d OC PSU: seasonic gold GM 650w 1TB Kingston SSD NVME case: core v21