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  1. Thanks so much @boggy77 and everyone. I have finally purchased all my parts. I dont suppose anyone knows what a good 27"ish monitor which is not crazy expensive but still good for games is? Preferably from https://www.centrecom.com.au/monitors or https://www.pcdi.com.au/product-category/pc-components/monitors/ As they are local. Originally I was going to go https://www.centrecom.com.au/aoc-27-1ms-144hz-free-sync-monitor as that is what my friend suggested but I thought I would see if there are some other better price monitors around.
  2. Ok awesome. I am basically done now. Buying in a combination of several stores. My last few questions and then I will let you have some peace.... 1. Are different 2060 RTX variations really that different. I chose the https://www.shoppingexpress.com.au/buy/galax-geforce-rtx-2060-1-click-oc-6gb-gddr6-graphi/26NRL7HPX7OC as it seems to be quite a lot cheaper. 2. What power supply would you choose from here https://www.pccasegear.com/category/15_535/power-supplies/all-models 3. I originally chose the Crucial as it seems to be decently priced. Is the P2 worth it or should their be a better SSD I could look at (I will probably get 2 now I know there are two slots). 4. If I was to buy a 4TB hdd which one would you suggest? Thanks Again!
  3. Thanks for the help @boggy77 Hopefully you don't mind if i ask a few more questions. Seems to really make the most of your money you need to buy from different places.... So I was wondering which you think would be better New Egg = 792.00 = But it is from America (I think). 1. https://www.newegg.com/global/au-en/evga-geforce-rtx-2060-06g-p4-2066-kr/p/N82E16814487488?Item=N82E16814487488 2. https://www.newegg.com/global/au-en/g-skill-32gb-288-pin-ddr4-sdram/p/N82E16820232907?Item=N82E16820232907 Shopping Express = 850.00 1. https://www.shoppingexpress.com.au/buy/galax-geforce-rtx-2060-1-click-oc-6gb-gddr6-graphi/26NRL7HPX7OC 2. https://www.shoppingexpress.com.au/buy/g.skill-ripjaws-v-32gb-2x16gb-3600mhz-cl18-ddr4-de/F4-3600C18D-32GVK Then any reason you went a mATX over an ATX with a different Case? Just curious for the reasoning as the motherboards are really the part I have the least knowledge on. If you were to stick to that setup. Any idea which CPU / Case Fan you would get from PC Case Gear as the ones selected I cant seem to find. https://www.pccasegear.com/category/9/fans-accessories https://www.pccasegear.com/category/207_23/cooling/cpu-cooling
  4. 1. Any reason why you opt for the 3600 over the 3600x ? Will that still be good enough for the current moddern games? 2. Is there much difference between 3600 DDR ? I kind of just went the cheapest at that speed.
  5. Budget (including currency): $1700ishhhhh Country: Australia Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Work, Minor Gaming, Virtualisation. Looking at building a new machine to replace my old. I really have no idea about hardware these days and would love some help. I was thinking about something along these lines https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/2nQRXv Eventually I will update the memory to 32GB (Because I abuse my memory with work). The things I am clueless on is. Is 3600X worth it over the 3600. Will that board allow me the next generation CPUs if i ever want to upgrade it Is any 600W power supply fine Do I need any extra fans Would love any feedback.