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  1. For now I'm just gonna leave the setup like it is. Maybe upgrade in the future when it's really needed.
  2. This is the motherboard, Asrock Fatality B450 gaming-Itx/ac And it has a 720 watt
  3. I'm buying them like this from the owner. So It's fixed.
  4. You're right I will take the 2080 build.
  5. So the RTX 2080 has the best value, but what if i took the 1070ti setup and changed the cpu and ram? I mainly play 1080p ultra. Otherwise I will just go with the 2080.
  6. So that leaves the 2nd and third hmm..thanks for your input.
  7. Hello everyone, I've got too many choices and I would like some advice from you guys. First setup: GTX 1080Ti with an Ryzen 3 3300X, 16 GB DDR4 2133mhz = 1050 euro Second setup: RTX 2080, AMD Ryzen 3600, 2 x 8 GB 3600mhz = 1100 euro Third setup: 1070Ti,Ryzen 3 2200g, 8GB DDR4 2133mhz = 700 euro + complete setup (monitor, rgb keyboard, mouse) Fourth setup: GTX 1080Ti, I7 7700K, 2 x 8 GB 2800mhz = 1175 euro Which one should I take?
  8. What are the best Nvidia settings i can use? And should i use the overclocking feature of the Alienware command center?
  9. I had power management processor minimum and maximum both on 100% maybe that caused the thermal throttling?
  10. Yes it’s a lil bit warm were i am too. I turned off the overclocking feature in the command center.
  11. On high im sitting on 90-110 fps now without stutter. My laptop doesn’t feel that hot.
  12. Also done that, I dropped to DX11 and i dont stutter anymore?? Playing on ultra..with 80+ fps i got this from Alienware; As the coffeelake processor supports higher clock rate than kabylake or older processors, users may easily notice that the Alienware 13R3, 15R3, 15R4, 17R4, 17R5 generates more heat compared to previous generation platforms. Therefore Dell engineering optimized the system to tolerate higher temperature from design perspective, and the new specification for Alienware 15 R4 / 17 R5 is: CPU peak temperature will be no greater than 100 degree C Below is the table for the thermal specification in component basis. For Alienware 13R3, 15R3, 17R4, this is applicable with BIOS version S1.0.9_K1.0.1 ,S1.0.9_K1.0.1 or higher. Component Thermal peak specification (degree C) Processor 100 GPU 94 SSD 81/78 * HDD 69/60 * Memory 95 Download and install any temperature monitoring tool such as HWiNFO64 or RealTemp and reply with screenshots of the results, if the temperatures exceed the previous figures.
  13. I put thermal paste a few days ago. From Grizzly aeronaut
  14. Now its sitting at 92/93/94 when playing actively.
  15. Highest temp i saw was 99 degree but it varies it drops back to 89 then goes back up.
  16. My games skips frames. And i got high gpu usage on bfv. Even when my fps is high it will drop occasionally to 59 fps. I got a Gsync monitor too 1440p. IMG_0496.MOV
  17. I fixed it! Got stable Fps 60+ in all games now! Thanks everyone
  18. I’m resetting the laptop erasing everything on the drive. I will see if it helps. I also ordered Grizzly thermal paste, will arrive today. Even when the laptop is resetting the fans go loud 61234759141__BE2CB217-4D36-4CF5-9AE1-1E0BE9174137.MOV