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  1. Well Im almost wondering if the psu in mine could possibly be the problem. Theres no way I could have gotten two faulty motherboards in a row. The computer is working but it makes my heart drop everytime I press the power button and it does its weird little dance. Im not quite sure how to test a psu but hopefully I can figure it out with a multimeter and a little more research. What exactly is yours doing?
  2. Seriously man I know. You have no idea how much it kills me that I didnt just build one I am perfectly capable of doing so but it was during the whole descent into the covid bullshit and needed something asap that I though would be good quality for my home studio as my old computer wasnt handling my mixes anymore and I had projects piling up. The only slight saving grace is that I ended up spending less going with the Ailenware since they were running a $175 off special and Honey threw on an extra $250 off but I guess you get what you paid for right?
  3. So I apologize if I put this in the wrong place, this is only the second time I have posted here. I just recently bough an Ailenware Aurora R9 and soon after the motherboard apparently died on me. After a hell of a time with Dell I finally got the thing back. My problem is something still doesn't seem quite right, originally the problem was when I would turn the computer on nothing would show up on screen, my color profile loaded and my keyboard and mouse lit up but soon after it would turn itself off and back on again and continue endlessly. Now it seems to be doing the same thing again but this time after the first on/off cycle it posts and loads into windows. I had read somewhere that this had happened to someone else and ended up going through several mobos before he found out that his front usb had a short in it. Im not really sure what to do but it scares the crap out of me. If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate them.
  4. Stuck in the same boat as you dude. I had been trying to set up network sharing and realized I named my new pc the same as my old pc and didn’t like it so I changed the name and lost admin rights. I did a system restore and finally figured everything out but all of my oc settings reverted back to stock. I was too lazy to re configure everything until a couple days later which was Monday of this week. I have an Alienware aurora r9 i79700k 16gigs of ram rtx 2060 super 850w psu and am fairly new to overclocking and related things. I re-enabled my overclock via the Alienware command cause like I said I am fairly new to the process and using the built in software is just easier. It’s set to 5 ghz at 1.3 volts with an offset of 3mv but really only gets up to 4.7 which is absolutely fine. I then restarted for the changes to take effect like they had been for a month prior and decided to also re enable my xmp profile and kill two birds with one stone so I booted into bios and switched it on saved and exited...and then it never turned back on. I have tried everything and anything and could still not get it to post. Luckily I was still within warranty but I still want to know what the hell happened. https://imgur.com/gallery/vXkWoaq