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  1. Thanks for the explanation, its portuguese btw. I got them very cheap, is there anyway to fix my problem? because they do very well on the phone, but on PC they are very crappy.
  2. I dont think so, is there anyway to verify that?
  3. I dont think im using any software, like iCue from corsair right?
  4. I dont know how to do that. This are my headphones https://www.asus.com/pt/Headphones-Headsets/TUF-GAMING-H3/. Is it possible that the cable connecting the 3.5mm jack to my motherboard interface is with problems?
  5. My headphones are virtual 7.1 surround, just so you know. I usually play fps games like cs go and valorant, but i cant really distinguish the steps and from where stuff is happening, but when im watching a cs video or stream, i can perfectly distinguish them. Can someone guide me trough this pls?