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  1. if i'm not mistaken thats the newest from AMD right? will keep that in mind also! The HP probooks do they go higher than the 8gb RAM ones?
  2. As to the Zephyrus g14, i cant seem to find it anywere here in denmark, only some older 15.6" costing around 2K. in don't really like the size of the TUF's, however if i can't find anything else as powerful it would be a great alternative!
  3. you'd believe it's sufficient for editing software as well? as to choosing option 3, if the AMD R7 almost the same as the intel I7?
  4. Hi I'm totally new to bying a "good" laptop computer. I'm looking to get in to some light video editing and photoshopping. using my Gopro hero 8 and mavic air. Therefore i'm looking for a laptop that can suply me with enough power to run some editing software. i made a thread earlier, where i got told that the laptop i found wasn't good enough due to it's graphic card. But i don't really know which are good and which aren't, so i'm looking for help. So my main question is, can any of these graphic cards handle 2.7k editing? and would you recommend any of them or maybe another one? I've read that the GeForce MX250, isn't that powerful, but can it handle editing? I'm not a gamer at all, so it's only purpose is editing, schoolwork and streaming. I had 3 laptops in mind right now: 1: ASUS ZenBook 14" UX434FLC with Intel® Core™ i7-10510U Processor, 16GB LPDDR3-2133 RAM, 512GB M.2 NVMe SSD, Nvidia MX250 2GB GDDR5 (costing around 1328$) 2: ASUS ZENBOOK 14 UX431FL with Intel® Core™ i7-8565U, NVIDIA GeForce MX 250 2 GB, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB M.2 SSD (costing around 1143$ ) 3: ASUS ZENBOOK 14 UM433DA with AMD Ryzen R7-3700U, AMD Radeon™ Vega 10 Graphics, 16 GB RAM + 1 024 GB SSD (costing around 884$ ) i'm a student here in Denmark so my budget is pretty tight, so i wasn't actually looking to spend a lot more than 900-1000$. but it seems as if the power needed costs that much. Hope someone clever is out there and willing to help a unknowing man, on his journey to buy a new laptop!
  5. If anyone has any advice or laptops i should look at for arround 900$ then let me know!
  6. damn i actualle thought it was a faster machine... But this one was on discount for 883$ and i think my limit is like 900-950$. I live in Denmark, so i don't know if you'll be able to find any with the danish keyboard as well. But thanks so far!
  7. Hi there! I'm totally new to the site of editing, but i've recently bought a Gopro hero 8 and a DJI Mavic air, to use for creating content for instagram og such. It will be smaller edits about 10 sec to 1 minut. However my old laptop Asus ultrabook Ux305c, can't run any editing software. Therefore i'm looking for a new one. I found the Asus Zenbook 14 UM433DA-pure4, with 16gb RAM + 1024 gb SSD, AMd Ryzen R7-3700U and AMD Radeon™ Vega 10 Graphics. However i can't really find any reviews or other articels that provide me with the information i'm looking for... So i wonder if anyone could tell me if this laptop would suit my needs for the editing, mainly in 2.7k and a little 4k? or do i need a more powerfull one? I don't have the biggest budget, because i'm a student.. thats why i also prefer it in 14" rather than 15.6". If you have any advice on other laptops or questions, then keep commenting!