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  1. So for gaming and content creating r5 2600 or r3 3300x
  2. Yeah but I can only have one so which?
  3. I'm a minor that cant have a job... that's all you need to know
  4. Cant have to keep it at a certain price
  5. So in the usa the rx 590 is 190 and the ryzen 3 3300x is 130 while in the other hand the 1660s is 220 and the 3100 is 100 dollars which combo is better
  6. I know but is the performance worth the price in comparison tight budget
  7. So in the usa the rx 590 is 190 dollars while the 1660s is 220 is the 1660s worth it
  8. Ok so in the usa the rx 590 is 190 dollars while 220 for the 1660s so is it worth it for the 1660s or save my money
  9. Yeah if I do that build I have an upgrade path of i7 4770k and 1050 ti
  10. Ok so I want to make a used 150 dollar esports games low 60 so what are your thoughts I was thinking optiplex 3020 i3 4130 and a 750 ti then buy a psu anything better. Live in the us
  11. Why? All cheap builds say I should what's your input