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  1. Hmm... Maybe I did something wrong but after entering all these commands on my VPS I still can't connect to the server using the VPS ip address. I even went and made sure ipv4 forwarding was enabled and running in /etc/sysctl.conf. I made sure to check and according to the IPtables list it is working I still can't join the server though. I also triple checked that 25565 is open to connections outside of my home ip aswell
  2. Could you possibly provide documentation on how this is done greatly appreciated if you could :D ? I'm going to be blunt I'm not too sure how to word that into google lol
  3. Greatly appreciate all the help I will have to pick up this tomorrow it's getting rather late and I'm just going to end up bashing my head on my keyboard if I keep up on this in the late hours
  4. Ah okay I didn't know they had a subscription. Do you know of any other way other than a VPN that I could pass the Minecraft server through the VPS? I'm not to familar with how I would configure static routs going to and from the VPN. I'll admit that's probably above me
  5. Hmmm... This is turning into way more hassle than I expected lol. Now I just need to find someway to make the vps talk to the vpn at least that's what I got from what you said. I also don't think pritunl charges for anything as far as I thought they were completely free I don't even need to do this by vpn that's not a requirement so if anyone has a better way of doing this I would be more than willing to try suggestions at this point lol going on 6 hours of trying different things now
  6. I'm trying to connect to the mc server using the Vultr public ip.
  7. I have made some sort of progress I can connect to the MC server if I connect both my home pc to the VPN and the server to the VPN. Which now makes me extra confused why I can't connect when I'm on my home network all the ports are open to the internet.
  8. I have tried everything you have said and even triple checked that my Vultr server was listening on port 25565 but it still refuses connection with everything setup as you have suggested above
  9. I think it's more of setting it up I have connected my home minecraft server to the pritunl and opened up the ports required for the server on the vultr server but it just says connection refused so I'm not sure where to go from here
  10. Thank you was trying to delete the other one
  11. I do have a dns. I just still don't want the dns pointed at my home ip
  12. I shall post it there I don't see a way to move or delete this thread.
  13. I host a minecraft server at home it runs on ubuntu 18. I'm trying to pass all the traffic through another server so I don't have to use my home ip with the minecraft server. I have a Vultr server to pass all the traffic through I can't find any documentation of someone else doing this online so I'm kinda dead in the water right now. If anyone has documentation that would be useful a link would be greatly appreciated thank you for taking the time to read.