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  1. I was honestly a little disappointed. The Note 9 had me hyped, but software at launch was underwhelming so I switched it out for an iPhone. The S10 launch was pretty good too, and I still use an S10e as my daily driver. The Note 10 was disappointing, the Fold was a disaster at first, the S20 didn't seem interesting, and now the Note 20 lineup is just... bad. The Flip is definitely interesting though. It's just such a shame that when Samsung got hardware almost perfect, they improved their software, but then somehow made their hardware worse. Their software is actually pretty good, and I'd be excited about the Microsoft/Windows integration, if it wasn't for the fact that their hardware choices just don't appeal to me. This S10e will probably be my last Samsung device. The Pixel 4a and Asus ROG Phone 3 have both caught my eye, and there's several other brands I'd rather go with than Samsung
  2. Ah yes, that sweet "just moved and have no furniture"-setup. My laptop was delayed by a month as well, so now I have neither a desk nor a capable PC (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  3. I think it looks pretty good! I'm personally not a big fan of green, but I can see the appeal. Although I do agree with the other poster who mentioned that the GPU power cable looks a bit out of place
  4. In the 10+ years of using an adblocker, I've never ran into the issue of YouTube "force pushing" ads. The only thing I've had to deal with, is my hardware being so slow that I might as well have spent 30 seconds watching an ad, instead of just waiting for the page to load
  5. I could understand running into a hitch and having your build be delayed by a couple of months... But 6 years seems insane Like many others have said; ask for a refund. There's no logical reason it should've taken that long.
  6. I don't have much experience with the last 2 games, but I did play Borderlands 3 recently. I was OBSESSED with Borderlands 2, farming bosses, finding easter eggs, etc. I memorized all the legendary weapons, what barrel/sight/etc they were supposed to have, I had maxed out characters, the list goes on. So I figured I'd be much the same with BL3, but I barely got through the story and just kinda... stopped playing. Didn't max out my one character (FL4K), only got one legendary, didn't do more than a handful of side missions, etc. And while BL3 is generally seen as "worse" (story-wise) than BL2, I think the problem in my case also stems from getting older (or at least, not having as much desire to 100% games). I didn't get engrossed in the items, didn't try to optimize my build, and I didn't specifically seek out to drown myself in info. I don't think BL3 is necessarily harder, but I do believe I lost my willpower/drive to get the most out of games. Enjoy it, get some achievements, and move forward. I personally never enjoyed notoriously hard games, so that might affect it a little bit, but as things are right now, I don't want to try something over and over again. Not to make progress, not to get a legendary; it's not worth the time investment. Went a little off the track there, but I just figured I'd share my general experience. The one exemption I'll make, is for achievements. If I really want to 100% a game and get all the achievements, I will try over and over again to hit certain criteria. But that's not really enjoyable
  7. Oh I did I suppose I could do a complete reinstall of Windows, but that seems like an awful lot of work
  8. Love the honest name 😂

  9. F Guess I'll have to wait for a hardware upgrade before I can try out the New And Improved 2004
  10. So I'm about to upgrade my setup, and I've decided (for now) that I'd like to stick with Asus stuff. (Cohesion and all that.) I ended up purchasing the ROG Gladius 2, the most expensive mouse I've ever bought, mostly because of the replaceable cables and switches. (And the RGB I can sync up, hell yeah rave party ) I've read several reviews, and nothing really stands out to me as "bad", but I'd definitely like to hear others' first hand accounts
  11. Scrolling through this thread definitely has me missing my old Corsair Vengeance K90... I'm sort of in the market for a new mechanical keyboard, but I was out of the PC peripheral scene for a little while Does anyone have any experience with any of the Asus ROG keyboards? I'm thinking of sticking with Asus for the foreseeable future, but I haven't had the chance to try any of their keyboards.
  12. Oh yeah for sure But at that point in time, my options were very limited, and it was a "get this or get nothing" kinda thing. In all fairness, the laptop works well enough... But I absolutely can't wait for my upgrade
  13. Yeah haha, it's a pretty bad laptop (Celeron N4000/dualcore @1.1, no fans, 4gb of ram, 32gb storage, 768p awful panel, touchpad is super unreliable, etc) I completely stopped using it for a couple months, relying exclusively on my phone and Xbox. The Asus E203M has been my fault driver for nearly 2 years, and for $200 it's, uh, exactly what you'd expect. Although I'm planning on upgrading soon, and I'll end up putting a lighter Linux distro on the little laptop that could
  14. Yeah, I was also looking at the Acer Nitro 5, and got quite disappointed by the sudden jump in price. (Like, literally, one evening I refreshed the tab, and the price went up by a little over $100.) Same with an Asus TUF A15 that I was eyeballing. (Had a 2060 for <$900, it's now back up to $999.) They're good deals, and with the quarantine (and school starting soon-ish), people are more likely to jump on the low prices, I'm assuming.
  15. I definitely used to play way more games a little while back. It's not like I've "quit" gaming or anything, but growing up and acquiring responsibilities have definitely taken up a huge chunk of my time. I don't really enjoy learning game mechanics anymore, and I've been playing games in shorter bursts, whenever I do have some free time. Currently, BTD6 is taking up a lot of my game time. I try and do the daily challenge, maybe play one other map, but that's about it. Getting super into game lore, finding the best weapons, farming bosses, etc. is something I haven't done in a while. And while I do enjoy achievement hunting/100%-ing games, those sessions are few and far between. I simply can't justify sitting down and gaming for 4+ hours anymore. Would I like to? Sure. Is it possible? Not really.