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  1. Yeah I'm RMAing the PSU now, I couldn't see any physical damage to the motherboard but didn't have a second PSU to check. Took his Ram+GPU home and they seem to be ok.
  2. Installing a PSU into a new build, powered on and motherboard lit up (X570 Steel Legend), front panel power button (NZXT H700i) didn't work so replugged front panel connectors, reconnected PSU cable flicked power switch on back of PSU, huge bang and a flash of electricity and magic smoke smell. What the fuck did I do to make that happen? Tried PSU again outside of build, just on its own, and an even bigger bang and now its totally dead, probably along with the motherboard and CPU. The H700i comes with preinstalled stand-off so there's no way I grounded it through the case (And even then it would have popped on first attempt right?) Was I sent a faulty PSU? Theres nothing I could have done when plugging stuff in to make a PSU pop like that is there?