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  1. The PCIe for the gpu is weak for this board But does work. I have added an External power supply to power the Graphics cards 8 pin terminal , Added and operating system , removed the raid adddd 2 TB drive for storage. The machine runs great does really well even with demanding games on all high quality settings.
  2. I’m sure I could part it out and come out pretty good. 2 1000 watt power supplies 4 fans etc. but to build an I7 or I9 PC is expensive
  3. Nah not selling. Going to build it. I got the server for $150.00. Might as well make it work
  4. No it’s real. I want to be able to play anything. Modern Warfare. Apex etc.
  5. I have a Dell T710 that has the desire to be a gaming PC. I know I know. Should not be done. But what can I say. It wants what it wants. So GeForce 1070 graphics 2 Xeon 5560 processors and 96 gigs of memory. What would Linus do???