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  1. Update: Turns out it was the Previous GPU was the issue, apparently i hadn't tried playing since the new one... Sorry for wasting time.
  2. ^ this assumes that i have friends
  3. ha... haha... you assume I have friends... FeelsBadMan
  4. @Bombastinator How would I confirm/deny if it is that??
  5. oh. i get you. so how would i improve the minimum?
  6. and.... you've lost me. Oh, update, Lisplay is LG 24M47VQ
  7. It's an LG Fairly Generic 60Hz display. I have tried Limiting Frames to 60, even as low as 45. but my system is able to output up to about 100 when playing.
  8. So I have no Idea if this is actually a CPU issue, but i can't think of anything else it could be. before i get into the issue, I'll list the contents of my Build for Reference. FX-8370 @4GHz 32GB RAM @1866MHz GTX 1660 Super Fairly Generic LG 60Hz Display With that out of the way I shall explain my issue. For a while now, I've had issues of extreme visual tearing while playing any Game, no matter what Framerate the game is running at. I thought it was that my GPU was poop, so I got the 1660S, but things didn't change. So I'm wondering what everyone else thinks it could be. (Also, if there's any other information you would like me to add, just go ahead and ask)