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  1. Alright, thank you, I'll try it once I can have help from someone can help me because it's a lot.
  2. So the way of fixing it is by replacing the whole panel or just the cable?
  3. I've never opened it, I don't know how it could be an issue, but I do know how to open a laptop and computer up, I watch LTT for god's sake
  4. I have an 17" Omen Laptop I don't know the model but I bought it back in 2018 with a 1050ti. But every time I turn it on, this thing happens every time. I was thinking maybe it's software, but I checked device manager, GeForce experience, and checked if I had to do any windows updates and it doesn't show anything wrong or anything new I need to download. I don't know what else it could be except for the display but I haven't dropped it or punctured it, so it might be a loose cable in the actual chassis. I have no idea what's going on but I want to fix it as soon as possible. broken_display_1.mp4
  5. I want to upgrade my 2TB HDD to a 4TB HDD and I thought it would be simple, taking 10 minutes max because my OS is in my SSD, which has been untouched in the process of taking out the first 2TB HDD and putting in the 4TB one. But when I attempt to boot it, but then I get the Windows Recovery Blue Screen. I plugged in my old HDD and my booting sequence was perfectly fine and had no issues with Windows. What is the issue and how can I fix it?