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  1. So is they nothing I can do to make sure it works before I plug it I to my system or should I just plug it streight in
  2. Ok thanks what should I do to test it before I plug it into my pc and what should I do when it's plugged in I have all sorts of benchmarks if all I need to do is pull power to see if it's stable
  3. I know that the seller said it's was near new and wasn't used in any serious load if the psu is faulty will it break the rest of my pc it has warranty and the seller is 100% positive
  4. Yea I am sorry I had look last time the one I have in stock was in January of 2019
  5. According to pc parts picker corsiar had a ax1200 (the model i have ) in stock
  6. I use crossfire Vegas for mining gaming and rendering my anyway they had good review and it was cheaper than a 850w
  7. Don't they still produce them I saw one in stock not a while ago in pcpartspicker along with the ax1200i
  8. 550 is fine but I wouldn't overclock a Vega I'd undervolt they is a setting in amds adrenaline software to auto undervolt if you do that you'll get better performance and if you'd card is running Samsung hbm2 think about bios flashing it I did it to my card and have never looked back it was such a performance boost (Most Samsung models are the stock blower shroud I recommend you download gpuz to find out before you do anything)
  9. As the title says I just picked up a ax1200 for £120 it was cheaper than most 850 units I was looking at new and the psu was apparently only a couple months old it came with all the cables , box , ties im just worried if the psu is not good and isn't high quality like Corsair usually is I have warranty but I just don't know if it's the usual top of the end with Corsair has anyone delt with the ax units I've heard they have great reviews but just thought to ask if anyone has one and what they think of it (any model of ax I just want to know if it's good )
  10. Thanks I had a look for the straight power is it this unit and why would multi rails be better
  11. As the title says which is the better psu I'll be testing GPUs and need a reliable psu that can handle duel GPUs and heavy overclocks the most I'll be running is 2 Vega 56 just for tests and rendering .