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  1. Right, 100% That's why I'm waiting for my cables to get here before continuing, difficult in my mind at least to account for something's space if I do not physically have it. I'll look into an SFX power supply, budget provided. Money is tight with the current situation.
  2. Thank you for the advice! This is all very valuable stuff, it'll keep me busy while I wait for stuff to arrive that I need. As for extensions, I don't intend on making this look "nice" on the inside. Of course I'll cable manage as best I can though. I want the IO to be accessible from the back of the guitar, because I think it would be much too awkward practically the way the first pic is. If the IO was accessible from the back, it would look really nice on a guitar stand while running, in my opinion. As of right now, the guitar is not modified, so I'll definitely use cardboard/other pieces of wood first. Thank you again for the response and advice!
  3. Greetings! Long time channel fan, first time forum poster. Earlier today in one of the FB fan groups, someone posted this image, So I thought to myself, "I can do that!" I have this busted up guitar, neck is warped, horribly taken care of by the previous owner (so much so he just gave it to me), so I decided, what the hell. I'd been planning to sell my buddy spare PC parts that came from my last big upgrade at a decent first gaming pc (2nd gen ryzen and a 1060 6gb), and I thought, hell, I could make it special for him too! So this is a picture of what I have right now, everything is kinda dropped in there right now, and that is not the PSU i intend to use, i just dropped it in because I know it's a chunky one, and if that'll fit, a more modern and smaller one defo would. Now, here's my current problems and how I plan to overcome them: Holes I'll have to drill/cut a few. This is gonna be for everything from ventilation to IO, speaking of which, Ventilation I want to, if i can, cut precise holes where the graphics card fans are. I want to cut one out too at the back for the PSU to ventilate. Same for the CPU too, obviously. Gonna buy a bunch of mesh too so I can mitigate the dust it's most likely gonna collect too. I/O Extensions. Lots of extensions. I'm going to try get a bunch of low profile right angle extensions for as much of the IO as I can and lead them through to the back or sides. As with most custom cases, reaching the IO might be awkward but they'll defo be more awkward if they're just coming out the bottom, like on the first pic in the post. Mounting This is probably my biggest concern and where I'm gonna be requesting help from some of you folks. I need to figure out a good way to basically make it so i don't short the motherboard. Should I literally just buy some extra standoffs? If that's all I have to do, That's cool. Mounting the PSU might be a challenge too since it's probably going to be the heaviest thing in the system, I might have to fabricate some kind of bracket to hold it. For the graphics card, I plan on taking the screws out of the face of the shroud and screwing the face of the guitar to the shroud with some longer screws, so the graphics card will be held onto the face of the guitar rather than resting on the motherboard (as it's doing in the pic). This will make opening the case a bit awkward, but given what I have, I think it's the only reasonable course of action. So that's it! I've done all I can do physically today, and I just need to make a shopping list. Any help or advice would be appreciated!