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  1. I agree... I don't need 2080 but nobody told me to buy it... He just picked his setup for comparison... And won't 1070 be bottlenecked much by cpu?
  2. https://pc-builds.com/calculator/Xeon_E5-1603_v3/Radeon_RX_570/0DD0YlhC/ So this bottleneck calculator isn't correct? Because i was allmost sure that I have allmost perfect GPU for my cpu but i also belive that u are right and it isn't... (Im new to Pc building... U Can clearly see)
  3. Isn't the 570 better? I looked up and there is 0 bottleneck
  4. I don't know what psu is in there, it's some 700 w with no sticker on it, i just know that it's 700 w with two 6 pin cables Budget... Somewhere around the same price like the RX 570
  5. Hey everybody! I need some help with picking my gpu. So i got a Pc with Intel Xeon E5-1603 v3 cpu, dual 6 pin psu and PCIe 16 3.0 connector. the Pc does not have a GPU so please help me with picking one for gaming (Minecraft, League of Legends, cs:go, fortnite, GTA V....) If i would not ask here, I would buy AMD RX 570 (single 6 pin one). If anybody Can help me with picking my gpu, I would really appreciate it. (Btw I know that xeon cpu is not the best for gaming, but i bought really cheap pre-build with xeon inside)
  6. Zediik

    Changing gpu

    Thanks for everything!
  7. Zediik

    Changing gpu

    Everything Can be connected and will work... I just need to know if i Can change GPU by just taking old one out and putting the new one in... (Or if i need to do anything else)
  8. Zediik

    Changing gpu

    My psu is powerful enough and i have PCIe 3 so that is ok too... Thanks for help
  9. I am complete beginner in building Pc... I have everything, but i don't have GPU that i want I have one old GPU... Like really really old one Can i put the old one in and later when i will buy the new one just turn off the Pc, take the old one out, put the new one in and turn on the Pc? Won't It have any problem? Thanks for help
  10. I want to buy AMD RX 570 that needs one 6pin connection but my psu Has 2 of them. Can i buy that GPU and leave the second 6pin in the case unplugged?